TENT Gallery Show Archive | 2014

Gallery Calendar / 2014

Week of 28 April
Flavia Salvador — The Blue of the Distance
ASN MFA student creates a landscape within a sandbox and a range of objects that she has collected from natural environments since her move to Scotland.

Two Islands Exhibition
ASN Students Patrick Lydon and Flavia Salvador highlight landscape and narrative in a joint study of community relationships between ecology and sense of place on two islands, Megijima (Japan) and Gigha (Scotland).

Week of 14 April
Javier Vidal Aguilera — Dwelling in the Moorlands
ASN MFA student shows an architectural design traced for the Scottish moorland. The design is based on the natural process of a fluid turning from laminar to turbulent.  Opening 22 April at 5pm.

7-11 April
Patrick Lydon — Centre for Endless Growth (C.E.G.)
ASN MFA student injects nature into the realm of economics and productivity, building a representation of the ideal office space and asking the audience to re-examine what ‘growth’ means. Opening 8 April at 5pm.

3-8 March
Sara Ocklind — Veiling
ASN MFA Student navigates transient emotions, centered on the theme of mists and atmospheres. Opening 6 March at 5pm.

27 February
Robert Davies — Carbon Coast
Photographic images by Robert Davies. Opening at 5pm.

10 February
Stephanie Ghetta — A Collaborative Future
ASN MFA Student presents research on rural community and bio-dynamic farming in rural Italy. Opening at 4pm.

20-24 January
Jonathan Hemelberg — Across- From Wall to Wall
ASN MFA Student creates an in situ work weaving together nature-inspired poetry and painting. Opening 23 January at 5pm.

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