Tent 2010-2011

Tent 2010-2011
Art, Space + Nature, Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art

Tent is the street front project space located in the Art, Space + Nature studio, a space where direct dialogue between the students and the public can take place.

Throughout the year Tent has a full programme of interventions, installations, talks and presentations from both the students and invited artists.

Programme 2010-2011

Vantage Point | Darren Buchan
Oct 2010

Gannets/Na Suilairean | ASN 1
Opening 28.10.10

Qimmit | Dogs | Jennifer Littlejohn & Malize McBride
Opening 08.11.10

Posture | Xiao-qu Wang
Opening 08.12.10

TRANSIT |  Malize McBride
Opening 20.01.10

Eddy Van Mourik | IHBWBSM
Opening 04.01.11

Video screening | Laura Trujillo Muñoz
Opening 03.02.11

CORE | Launch Event
Opening 03.03.11

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