Degree Show 2011

KANOCENE | ASN Degeree Show 2011

“Kanocene” is a hypothetical era encompassing all the many different perceptions of time experienced and expressed by our group. The individual works in the show refer to many different kinds of time, from geological and archaeological to imaginary and the immediate present. The circular piece is a form of timeline incorporating these ideas and many other allusions to the multitudinous ways we divide up time in our lives.

Exhibiting Artists: Eddy Van Mourik, Chandra Casali-Bell & Jennifer Littlejohn, Xiaoqu Wang, Malize McBride, Robert Powell

Exhibition runs: Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th, June
Location: Art Space & Nature, Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art

Accompaning publication: “Glaciation”

As part of their final project, all six students collaborated on a publication titled “Glaciation”.  This is a compilation of creative research into the theme of Glaciation. The publication is split in two small volumes: One showing a selection of texts about glaciation that inspired the work and one showing the students work created especially for this publication.

Glaciation will be shown at the show and will also be available for purchase.


Eddy Van Mourik

Eddy’s work is based on open source Ordnance Survey elevation data and portrays a heavily deconstructed landscape that mirrors the landform that Edinburgh is built on.

Made out of paper, this 3.5 metre long piece is suspended in the exhibition space. This technique draws heavily on Eddy’s experience as a designer of virtual worlds for computer games.

Chandra Casali-Bell & Jennifer Littlejohn

Somewhere in Time is a collaborative project that aims to investigate both natural and artificial satellites, explore the wider context of satellite as a connecting resource and attempt to create sustainable dialogue between Edinburgh and other locations. As part of the Degree Show exhibition, Kanocene, three works will be on display which have simultaneous outputs, or satellite contexts, in Iceland, Japan and Inspace. The output at Inspace will be part of an Upgrade event concerning art, technology and culture.

Xiaoqu Wang

Xiaoqu Wang is showing a short film about a story of a canal partly disappeared 1000 years ago, which was found in her hometown in 1999. When she went back to China to do the research, she found that few people knew about this canal, even those living nearby, except for some old residents. So she came back and asked: Where is the canal?

Malize McBride

Malize’s work is concerned with the physical nature of landscape and our responses to it.  ‘Rock particularly interests me; massive, hard, rough-textured, seemingly indestructible, and the oldest substance on earth, it contrasts strongly with our human softness, fragility and transience’

Robert Powell

Robert’s work is….

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