Topoi Exhibition Series: Topos

Join the students of Art, Space and Nature for the LAST SHOW (!) of the Topoi exhibition series

Topos: Meaning of Place


The exhibition will open Thursday, 12 December at 6:00 PM, with some notable refreshments.

See you there!



Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Topology

ASN students had a quick turnover for this past week’s opening of “Topology”, part of the Topoi exhibition series. The fourth show of the series (only one more left!) featured photography, projections, video, sculpture, sound and mixed media, all centered around the elusive and evolving concept of topology.

Enjoy the photos below!

More information to come about the final show of the  Topoi series!

Topoi Exhibition Series: Topology

Join the students of Art, Space and Nature for this week’s exhibition-

Topology: An exploration of space, geometry and visual representation.

The opening reception will be the evening of Thursday 21 November, and the exhibition will also run on ECA’s postgraduate open day Friday 22 November until 5pm.

Hope to see you there!

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Utopia?


The Topoi exhibition series continued this past Thursday with the opening of “Utopia?”, a reaction to the meaning of utopia in today’s world. The exhibition included video, photography, sculpture, cupcakes (!!!) and performance (subtle hints of cynicism included).

Join us this coming Thursday (November 21) for the next exhibition in the Topoi series- “Topology.”

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Topography

ASN students started off their exhibition series Topoi with an engaging opening this past Thursday. The show’s theme was “Topography”, and featured a variety of mediums and perspectives, evident in the photos below. Thanks to everyone who attended!

The Topoi series continues next week with the theme of “Dystopia,” opening (coincidentally?) on Halloween.

Topoi Exhibition Series: Topography

Join the students of Art, Space and Nature for their first exhibition of the Topoi Exhibition Series-

Topography: Exploring the natural, artificial, three-dimensional, and surface features of land.

Opening will be Thursday, 17th October at 4pm.

Exhibition will take place at Tent Gallery, Ground Floor of Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art, 78 West Port at Lady Lawson [map]

Exhibition runs from 18th October to 23rd October 9am-5pm.