To the shore : Exhibition 1 December



From the realm of the sea
To the shore.
A recent exhibition by continuing Art Space and Nature MFA students investigated the sea’s vibrant materiality and chaotic order, following fieldwork in the Outer Hebrides.  A further exhibition building on this work will follow at ‘An Lanntair’ gallery, Stornoway in March next year.

‘ORIGINS’ Russell Beard


‘ORIGINS’ Russell Beard

Filmed on Tulsa Beach on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, Russell Beard’s video installation ‘ORIGINS’ consists of a mirrored moving image of the complex patterns created in water, sand and sunlight where a river meets the sea.*

*Alternatively it could be read as a time piece, concerning the origins of our own vital materiality…. and how certain properties emerge from complex chaotic systems amid the ongoing oscillations between the creative generative forces of life’s perpetual becoming and the dissipative cosmic processes of entropy and decay.


Alex Hackett’s work goes within the sea to experience the shoreline.  Adopting sculptural forms and materials from the Isle of Lewis alongside sympathetic found materials, she creates objects reflecting the mystical nature of the shore. Texts document the material qualities of the water as affected by weather, the elements and light, whilst bearing the mark of the personal.




‘swell’ Will Urmston

Will Urmston’s piece came to light during a stay in a cliff-side bothy on the west coast of Lewis. Looking through to the sea below, we enter ‘the cave’ and look outward with clarity as we face the peace of our own elemental existence.

Solo Shows in Tent Gallery

Art Space and Nature MAFA students recently organised a series of One Day Solo Shows in Tent Gallery, showing current work.

The first of the solo shows featured work from three artists; with Olivia Tutton’s work delicately exploring themes of memory and language. Russell Beard examined entropy and transitioning physical materials, and Alex Hackett’s installation of sculptural objects presented an absurd and Anthropocenic sea.

Photographs : Russell Beard and Alex Hackett

Development : An Exhibition by Robert Davies

This Friday 29 January at Tent Gallery, Robert Davies exhibits photographs from his photo essay on Edinburgh’s coastal communities.

‘I set out to record the changing coastline of a city, and found a landscape in limbo, of stalled developments that had little connection to history and community – a landscape of unfinished visions of its future’.

From Robert Davies photo essay of Edinburgh’s coastal communities, Granton, Newhaven and Leith  in Volume 2 of The Evergreen: A New Season in the North.

From Robert Davies photo essay of Edinburgh’s coastal communities, Granton, Newhaven and Leith  in Volume 2 of The Evergreen: A New Season in the North.

The photo essay is included in the second volume of The Evergreen, amongst fiction, poetry, art and essays, recently relaunched for the first time in 120 years.

The exhibition is open 5-7pm Friday 29 January 2016, at Tent Gallery, Evolution House.

This week in Tent: ‘Dwelling in the Moorlands’

Dwelling in the Moorlands is a week long exhibition by Javier Vidal Aguilera, MFA candidate and architect from Spain, that features a design for a hypothetical dwelling inspired by the context of the moorland of Lewis and Harris, Scotland.

Opening reception will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 22 April from 5:00-8:00 PM.

“A Collaborative Future” Recap

Second-year MFA student Stephanie Ghetta filled Tent Gallery this past week with photos, text and ideas surrounding her research for “A Collaborative Future.”

A timeline illustrated the history and transformation of the Val di Fassa in the Italian Dolomites. In the past, agriculture was one of the main industries of the region. But with the introduction of mass-tourism, the behaviour and the landscape changed.

Ghetta’s proposal suggests collaboration within the community, and the development of an agricultural tourism that aims to promote sustainability.

“Across- From Wall to Wall” Recap

Second-year MFA student Jonathan Hemelberg meticulously covered the expanse of Tent Gallery this past week, with his painting installation for the “Across- From Wall to Wall” exhibition.

A collected meditation on conservationist John Muir, the painting was accompanied by a poem containing a reassembled version of John Muir’s words, as constructed by Hemelberg-


Not all culture is equally destructive

To make a new departure

For pure wildness

Is well worthy of the attention

For all wildness is finer than tameness

Wildness as that which regards the world

Consumption of one another

And most when we are wildest

The MFA solo show series will continue 6 February, with work by Stephanie Ghetta. More information to follow!

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Topology

ASN students had a quick turnover for this past week’s opening of “Topology”, part of the Topoi exhibition series. The fourth show of the series (only one more left!) featured photography, projections, video, sculpture, sound and mixed media, all centered around the elusive and evolving concept of topology.

Enjoy the photos below!

More information to come about the final show of the  Topoi series!