Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Utopia?


The Topoi exhibition series continued this past Thursday with the opening of “Utopia?”, a reaction to the meaning of utopia in today’s world. The exhibition included video, photography, sculpture, cupcakes (!!!) and performance (subtle hints of cynicism included).

Join us this coming Thursday (November 21) for the next exhibition in the Topoi series- “Topology.”

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Dystopia

ASN students continued the Topoi exhibition series this past Thursday with a dehumanizing take on the theme of “Dystopia”. The show received great attendance, and included performance art, video, photography, sound, and three-dimensional work.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and participated!

The next show in the Topoi series will be the 14th of November, addressing the theme of “Utopia.” More details to come!