Carrageenan Wonderum


Carrageenan Wonderum presented a collection of images, archival folklore and made objects that endeavour to document the Carrageenan Ghost. The collection was compiled by current Art Space and Nature students Alex Hackett and Alix Villanueva, as part of Project Carrageenan.  The curiosity cabinet explored and imagined the various transformations and apparitions of the Carrageenan Ghost, the substance carrageenan and of Chondrus crispus, the seaweed which contains it.  The cabinet viewing was accompanied by ‘on the little rock’, a drink conceptualised by the artists evoking the taste of a shoreline.


Continuing research can be viewed at, and the Carrageenan Wonderum will be travelling to Syn Festival at Out of the Blue, Leith, available to view from 9-22 March.

Topoi Exhibition Series: Topography

Join the students of Art, Space and Nature for their first exhibition of the Topoi Exhibition Series-

Topography: Exploring the natural, artificial, three-dimensional, and surface features of land.

Opening will be Thursday, 17th October at 4pm.

Exhibition will take place at Tent Gallery, Ground Floor of Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art, 78 West Port at Lady Lawson [map]

Exhibition runs from 18th October to 23rd October 9am-5pm.

Photo Recap from Active Intent: Object

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some photographs from this week’s opening of “Active Intent: Object” at Tent Gallery.

Come visit us NEXT Tuesday at 6pm for the FINAL SHOW this semester!
TENT Gallery, Ground Floor, Evolution House