‘For reasons unknown’ MFA Art Space and Nature Degree Show, 2-11 June 2017

‘For reasons unknown’; the degree show exhibition by students Alex Hackett and Will Urmston, graduating from the MFA Art Space and Nature programme.  The exhibition was held at Tent Gallery from 2-11 June, as part of the wider annual Edinburgh College of Art degree show.


‘untitled collection’, collaborative works by Alex Hackett and Will Urmston



For reasons unknown
a coupling
a collection of people of objects and stories
your stories are fated encounters, actions
or missed encounters and the wonderings
of what is not this here
instead it happened like this

a diving beetle under fragility
a relationship on ice
seeking perspective from
a nurturing process, it all being in the rituals
and the simplicity and tenacity of growth
sometimes struggling through, resilient
yet absorbent
fruitful pink and yellow gills
in our creature surroundings
with a Boy’s deep listening
and the growing and the not knowing
teaching small irises of contentment

and then
soaking in salt water
forming little crystals sometimes
crystalisations realisations of thought
sometimes just soggy crumblings
and damp embraces
a pillow come rest your head
on the dusk shore
with everything breaking in the iridescence
but For strength
there’s being on the water
and in the water
skin shaking and dripping alongside each other
a strand of sugar kelp drawn out slowly
through your dreams
there’s magic in islands and isolation
in being seen and known closely
and the fear of losing

seeking vulnerability
as a place to be
revealing a changing world through the details
the collections and the delicacy.


[collaborative exhibition text]


installation with various pieces, Alex Hackett


‘untitled’  installation with newspaper, sawdust, tissue, twine, mushrooms, Will Urmston


‘untitled’ with ‘Irises’, Will Urmston


installation with various pieces, Alex Hackett

Carrageenan Wonderum


Carrageenan Wonderum presented a collection of images, archival folklore and made objects that endeavour to document the Carrageenan Ghost. The collection was compiled by current Art Space and Nature students Alex Hackett and Alix Villanueva, as part of Project Carrageenan.  The curiosity cabinet explored and imagined the various transformations and apparitions of the Carrageenan Ghost, the substance carrageenan and of Chondrus crispus, the seaweed which contains it.  The cabinet viewing was accompanied by ‘on the little rock’, a drink conceptualised by the artists evoking the taste of a shoreline.


Continuing research can be viewed at http://projectcarrageenan.tumblr.com, and the Carrageenan Wonderum will be travelling to Syn Festival at Out of the Blue, Leith, available to view from 9-22 March.

Photo Recap from Final Straw Exhibition


From health professionals to foodies to artists, a room filled with ecologically open-minded individuals gathered at Evolution House to talk about what exactly art, food, and sustainability have to do with each other.

The discussion kicked off the Final Straw exhibition by ASN student Patrick Lydon, and his partner Suhee Kang. The exhibition contains in-progress works from the duo’s research and filming about natural farming in Japan and Korea over the past few years. It will be on display in TENT Gallery at Edinburgh College of Art through Friday, 29 November.


We’re very thankful for the participation of Final Straw panelists, Dr. Emily Brady (Professor of Environmental Philosophy at University of Edinburgh), Mike Small (Director of Fife Diet, Europe’s largest local food project), and Ben Twist (Director of Creative Carbon Scotland). Also, a special thank you to our panel chair Chris Fremantle, who lead the panel through largely uncharted territory last night, as three professionals from varied backgrounds came together for the first time to talk about sustainability and our re-connection with the natural world.


Visit www.finalstraw.org for more information and content on the show!

A Few Photos from the show: