Bookmarks Book Fair : 24 March

MA and MFA students of Art, Space and Nature recently exhibited a selection of artist books at the Bookmarks Artist Book Fair on the 24 March, at Edinburgh College of Art’s sculpture court.  A selection of handbound books with handmade papers, illustrations, photography and poetry were exhibited at the Book Fair, reflecting on travel, physical mark making and the incomprehensibility of the universe.


Solo Shows in Tent Gallery

Art Space and Nature MAFA students recently organised a series of One Day Solo Shows in Tent Gallery, showing current work.

The first of the solo shows featured work from three artists; with Olivia Tutton’s work delicately exploring themes of memory and language. Russell Beard examined entropy and transitioning physical materials, and Alex Hackett’s installation of sculptural objects presented an absurd and Anthropocenic sea.

Photographs : Russell Beard and Alex Hackett

STRAVAIG : an exhibition of wanderings, 9 December

Photographs from the opening of the exhibition ‘STRAVAIG’.  From the Scots [to wander, roam, traverse] ‘STRAVAIG’ is an exhibition of material wanderings from all current Art Space and Nature MAFA students.



Visiting artist to ASN Group Exhibition: Theo Shields

Image courtesy the artist

Image courtesy the artist

This year’s ASN students hosted a visiting artist at their most recent exhibition “Topos”. Theo Shields, a sculpture student at the Edinburgh College of Art, showed his print series ‘Ant Drawings, and an accompanying video titled ‘1/300th Tilted Arc’. By placing a miniature replica of a heavily-contested and controversial sculpture by Richard Serra (‘Tilted Arc’) in a mob of ants, Shields created a metaphorically-laden series of prints, using the ants to discover shapes and form via relentless layering; the accompanying video piece exposes the process and interaction more closely, on a micro-level.

Shield’s work blended with the ASN exhibition, as the “Topos” exhibition was an exploration of place, and site-specificity, which ‘Ant Drawings‘ addresses through its commentary on adaptation, the natural world, and the built environment.

More information about the artist can be found here.

ASN students would like to thank the artist for his contribution to the group exhibition!

ASN student collaboration: Perceptual Disconnection exhibition

Current ASN students Javier Vidal Aguilera, Jonathan Hemelberg, and Sara Ocklind collaborated with Claire Holmes (a graduate from the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences’ Environment, Culture and Society programme) to produce an exhibition titled ‘Perceptual Disconnection’. The exhibition took place at Inspace this past Tuesday, and featured a variety of media. 

The exhibition was based on a research project about the affects of digitalism and internet connectivity on human experience of natural spaces. The artists spent four days, without internet or electricity, in a cabin in Skiary. Printed photos from this trip were included in the exhibition, along with text and projections.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend, be sure to check out the photos below from the event!

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Utopia?


The Topoi exhibition series continued this past Thursday with the opening of “Utopia?”, a reaction to the meaning of utopia in today’s world. The exhibition included video, photography, sculpture, cupcakes (!!!) and performance (subtle hints of cynicism included).

Join us this coming Thursday (November 21) for the next exhibition in the Topoi series- “Topology.”

Orkney Fieldwork Review

This year’s ASN students met this past week to present their initial thoughts and reflections on Orkney. The students visited the islands in early October, and have been researching topics of landscape perceptions, light quality, sound, industrial landscapes, collection of local materials, bird habitation, art and athleticism, and effects of inhabitation, amongst others.

The students will return to Orkney in February 2014 to show an exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness.

Photo Recap from Topoi Exhibition Series: Topography

ASN students started off their exhibition series Topoi with an engaging opening this past Thursday. The show’s theme was “Topography”, and featured a variety of mediums and perspectives, evident in the photos below. Thanks to everyone who attended!

The Topoi series continues next week with the theme of “Dystopia,” opening (coincidentally?) on Halloween.

ASN Returns from Orkney Islands

This year’s ASN students have returned from a five day fieldwork trip to Orkney, a northernly group of Scottish islands with an 8,500 year history of human habitation.



Starting the journey in the town of Stromness, on Orkney’s Mainland,  the group got a healthy dose of history, scenery, and culture. The trip included visiting the archaeological sites of Skara Brae, and The Standing Stones of Stenness, walking along the dramatic cliffs of Yesnaby, wandering through the deteriorating Hoxa Head military batteries, and venturing to the neighboring islands of Hoy, Flotta, and Rousay.

Special thanks to the Pier Arts Centre, and Stromness Museum for their hospitality and hosting of tours for the group.

We are happy to report that the ASN students will return to Orkney in February of 2014 to exhibit their work at the Pier Arts Centre.