To the shore : Exhibition 1 December



From the realm of the sea
To the shore.
A recent exhibition by continuing Art Space and Nature MFA students investigated the sea’s vibrant materiality and chaotic order, following fieldwork in the Outer Hebrides.  A further exhibition building on this work will follow at ‘An Lanntair’ gallery, Stornoway in March next year.

‘ORIGINS’ Russell Beard


‘ORIGINS’ Russell Beard

Filmed on Tulsa Beach on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, Russell Beard’s video installation ‘ORIGINS’ consists of a mirrored moving image of the complex patterns created in water, sand and sunlight where a river meets the sea.*

*Alternatively it could be read as a time piece, concerning the origins of our own vital materiality…. and how certain properties emerge from complex chaotic systems amid the ongoing oscillations between the creative generative forces of life’s perpetual becoming and the dissipative cosmic processes of entropy and decay.


Alex Hackett’s work goes within the sea to experience the shoreline.  Adopting sculptural forms and materials from the Isle of Lewis alongside sympathetic found materials, she creates objects reflecting the mystical nature of the shore. Texts document the material qualities of the water as affected by weather, the elements and light, whilst bearing the mark of the personal.




‘swell’ Will Urmston

Will Urmston’s piece came to light during a stay in a cliff-side bothy on the west coast of Lewis. Looking through to the sea below, we enter ‘the cave’ and look outward with clarity as we face the peace of our own elemental existence.

‘animot’ at Tent Gallery : 17-22 April

‘animot’, was an exhibition resulting from a series of discussions and reading groups initiated by Edinburgh College of Art PhD student Ronald Binnie. By addressing the ethical issues involved in the use of the animal body in contemporary art, the exhibition presented alternatives to anthropocentric culture.


Solo Shows in Tent Gallery

Art Space and Nature MAFA students recently organised a series of One Day Solo Shows in Tent Gallery, showing current work.

The first of the solo shows featured work from three artists; with Olivia Tutton’s work delicately exploring themes of memory and language. Russell Beard examined entropy and transitioning physical materials, and Alex Hackett’s installation of sculptural objects presented an absurd and Anthropocenic sea.

Photographs : Russell Beard and Alex Hackett

‘Arboreal’ at Patriothall Gallery- Photo Recap

First year ASN students recently put on a show centered around the theme of forests, inspired by a weekend fieldwork trip to the Black Wood of Rannoch. Works included installation, video and digital media, painting, and audience-participatory and interactive pieces.

Rites of Silence

Sonia Ali and Wolfgang Thomas

This audiovisual installation inspired by Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ brings forth that which we cannot see and hear. The constant toil of the unforgotten micro-organisms without which we in the macro sphere would not exist.



Rachel Powell

Exploring the micro and the macro. Often overlooked and trodden underfoot, the smallest environments in the world are often the most important.


Zhao Xie

“Lotophagous behaviours, which are fuelled with imaginings and illusions as they can easily lead to reality disavowal.” (Quote from Jean-Francois Vernay’s reviewing book Water from the Moon of Australian Novelist Christopher Koch’s works)


Yanli Shen

The title comes from root systems and philosophy. It refers to the idea that everything touches at some point, dense Black wood, sunlight, and darkness. It is about not seeing what’s there. Nature uses camouflage you can miss what’s in front of you unless you really look. The work mimics this thinking.

Dancing Shadows

Nadia Dermatopoulou

It is an experimental video installation trying to capture the relaxation and the calmness of being in a forest based on shadow theater techniques.


By foot

Akshaya Lakshmi Narsimhan

walk. blink. look down – A piece of the forest floor to walk on, by foot.

Colours of the Blackwood

Christina Gråberg Røsholt

The Blackwood of Rannoch seen through a pinhole. Capturing the beauty of the forest with its natural lighting and colours, but not in a conventional ‘picture perfect’ way.

Element in Green

Elin Webb

A film that both enhances and distorts the movements inherent but usually missed within nature.


Forest Geometry

Diandra Saginatari

Abstract visualization of three dimensional space in the Black Wood of Rannoch through two dimensional geometric shape explorations.


Allison Palenske and Sonia Ali

The amplification of microorganisms through a sensory investigation and isolation of fungi, algae, lichens and insects. Brought to you by The[Dinner]Lab- finding utility within the overlooked.


Arboreal took place at Patriothall Gallery from 24 May-26 May 2014.

Upcoming: ‘Arboreal’ Exhibition at Patriothall Gallery

Inspired by fieldwork in the ancient Black Wood of Rannoch, Arboreal is a group exhibition by the students of the Art, Space and Nature master programme at the Edinburgh College of Art. Included works are visual, cognitive, tactile and sensory articulations of the forest, promising to engage all senses.


Saturday 24 May 12.00-17.00

Sunday 25 May (reception) 17.00-20.00

Monday 26 May 12.00-17.00


ADDRESS: 48 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5AY

RSVP via Facebook

‘Dwelling in the Moorlands’ in TENT- Photo Recap

Second-year MFA candidate Javier Vidal Aguilera showed his architectural explorations in TENT Gallery last week. Dwelling in the Moorlands involved a pavilion dwelling, placed in the context of the wild Scottish landscape.

This week in Tent: ‘Dwelling in the Moorlands’

Dwelling in the Moorlands is a week long exhibition by Javier Vidal Aguilera, MFA candidate and architect from Spain, that features a design for a hypothetical dwelling inspired by the context of the moorland of Lewis and Harris, Scotland.

Opening reception will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 22 April from 5:00-8:00 PM.

‘C’ exhibition at ECCI: Photo Recap

The students of Art, Space and Nature opened a well-received exhibition at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation last week, amid the many wonderful events for the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The following works were included in the exhibition, which is set to run until 25 April 2014.

24 x NO2

Christina Gråberg Røsholt

Giving a size and shape to the hourly average air pollution in Edinburgh measured at St. John’s Road. Monthly timeline for the past two years, 2012-2013, showing the change in air quality.


Sonia Ali and Allison Palenske

A set of works exploring the ‘macro’ role of ‘micro’ algae within the carbon cycle, through its power of carbon absorption. The combination of wall installation, projection and carbon-mitigation themed cocktails explores algae’s versatility and potential for impact.


Elin Webb

All the shoes I have ever owned from birth until now- 31 years. I have no particular interest in shoes but when trying to remember them all, I realise that my own environmental impact regarding their manufacture is (necessarily?) considerable.


Yanli Shen

A painting made with great anger against the production of carbon.

Viral Space

Javier Vidal Aguilera

Digital photographs of three ephemeral installations in Orkney, Glen Nevis and Edinburgh.


Let’s Talk Carbon!

Zhao Xie, Diandra Saginatari, Akshaya Lakshmi Narsimhan

The string installation is designed as a 3 dimensional graphic tool that maps out people’s emotional response towards carbon and climate change.

Carbon Symphony

Patrick Lydon, Stephanie Ghetta, Nadia Dermatopoulou, Flavia Salvador

Using sound and visual illumination, this installation takes per-capita carbon emissions statistics for 200 of the world’s countries, and maps them to our most personal form of carbon emission, the human breath.


Surrounded by mist

Sara Ocklind

This is a mixed media piece. Where I relate the landscape with the carbon itself.


“A Collaborative Future” Recap

Second-year MFA student Stephanie Ghetta filled Tent Gallery this past week with photos, text and ideas surrounding her research for “A Collaborative Future.”

A timeline illustrated the history and transformation of the Val di Fassa in the Italian Dolomites. In the past, agriculture was one of the main industries of the region. But with the introduction of mass-tourism, the behaviour and the landscape changed.

Ghetta’s proposal suggests collaboration within the community, and the development of an agricultural tourism that aims to promote sustainability.

“Element” Exhibition at Pier Arts Centre: Photo Recap

The Art, Space and Nature group exhibition “Element” opened this past Thursday, 13 February, at the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney. Featuring 13 artists, the exhibition includes the following works-


Javier Vidal Aguilera

An ephemeral installation, sited in the landscape of the Mainland of Orkney. Part of a series where I explore the cube as the way humans inhabit and relate to the natural landscape as a commentary on urban spread.


Sonia Ali

The archival preserve of the landscape is also a reserve for exploration and resource extraction. Thus, a spatial void is created which is once again compressed to become new repositories of time.


Nadia Dermatopoulou

A film made on Hoy which both captures and is a collaboration between the film and weather.


Jonathan Hemelberg

This work is an expandable, adaptable, puzzle drawing. Using quotations, derived from the writings of John Muir, to compose a poem that can be read in different arrangements.


Patrick Lydon

These hand-mixed colour swatches represent the mathematically calculated dominant colour of landscape photographs taken in locations: Flotta Oil Terminal; Grainshore Wind Turbine; Skara Brae Prehistoric Village.


Akshaya Lakshmi Narsimhan

This two-part work (soundscape and textual map) is an incessant rant of what I heard, what I listened to, what I saw, what I watched, what I felt and what I experienced – in the islands of Orkney.


Sara Ocklind

This kinetic piece links between an image the sea of Orkney and the immediate environment surrounding us.


Allison Palenske

An exploration of the tension between historical preservation and political denial; confronting issues of the past and present, at global and local scales.


Christina Gråberg Røsholt

Capturing qualities of light and shade in the Orkney landscape in an exploratory way, using a pinhole camera as my tool.


Diandra Saginatari

These proposed pavilions sit in the landscape of Orkney as spatial tools to perceive sensory experience from the surrounding elements.


Yanli Shen

This process raises questions about what things are. Having broken a shell into pieces, is it still a shell? If not, then at what point did the change occur and what has it become?


Elin Webb

A journey undertaken, from Loch of Stenness to Loch of Harray via the Bridge of Brodgar.


Zhao Xie

A proposed landscape structure designed to provide nesting and roosting sites for Orkney birds, principally starlings.


The exhibition will run through 28 February 2014. Special thanks to curator Andrew Parkinson and the Pier Arts Centre.