Edinburgh Center for Carbon Innovation

The Art, Space & Nature programme works in partnership with the Edinburgh Center for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) to produce an exhibition of work on the theme of carbon.

The exhibition sees ASN students working as individuals and small teams, to research and reflect on issues surrounding carbon emissions through their own artistic practice. The exhibition runs during the Edinburgh Science Festival, one of Europe’s largest such events.

"C" Exhibition Poster, Art, Space & Nature at Edinburgh Center for Carbon InnovationECCI Exhibition 2014

7 April — 25 April
Opening 10 April / 6-8pm
Edinburgh Center for Carbon Innovation
High School Yards

Opening Reception 10 April, 6pm

About ECCI

The Carbon Center is a hub for the knowledge, innovation and skills required to create a low carbon economy. Located in Edinburgh, Scotland’s political centre and capital city, and building upon the best ideas from around the world

ASN Projects for ECCI 2014


Carbon Symphony
Team: Patrick Lydon, Nadia Dermatopoulou, Flavia Mattos Salvador, Stephanie Ghetta

Using sound and visual illumination, this installation takes per-capita carbon emissions statistics for 200 of the world’s countries, and maps them to our most personal form of carbon emission, the human breath.

Let’s talk carbon!
Team: Akshaya Lakshmi Narsimhan , Diandra Saginatari , Zhao Xie

The string installation is designed as a 3 dimensional graphic tool that maps out people’s emotional response towards carbon and climate change. Creating a dense network of data that webs across a glass box – one can choose to view the issue both from the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’  – What would you choose?

Inhale: Exhale
Team: Sonia Ali and Allison Palenske

A set of works exploring the ‘macro’ role of ‘micro’ algae within the carbon cycle, through its power of carbon absorption. The combination of wall installation, projection, and carbon-neutral themed cocktails explores algae’s versatility and potential for impact.


Viral Space
Javier Vidal Aguilera

Digital photographs of three ephemeral installations in Orkney, Glen Nevis and Edinburgh.

Surrounded by mist
Sara Ocklind

This is a mixed media piece. Where I relate the landscape with the carbon itself.

24 x NO2
Christina Rosholt

Giving a size and shape to the hourly average air pollution in Edinburgh measured at St. John’s Road. Monthly timeline for the past two years, 2012-2013, showing the change in air quality.

Yanli Shen

A painting made with great anger against the production of carbon.

Lizzy Westman

All the shoes I have ever owned from birth until now – 31 years. I have no particular interest in shoes but when trying to remember them all, I realise that my own environmental impact regarding their manufacture is (necessarily?) considerable.

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