Two ASN students win commission for collaborative, sited work for POLDRA, Viseu in Portugal

At ASN we encourage and support our students to engage with external opportunities and to work collaboratively.

Two of our students, Kaitlin Ferguson and Natalia Bezerra have won an international call-out to develop a work for POLDRA, a public sculpture project in Fontela Wood at Viseu, Portugal. –

LITHOS will be a site-responsive sculpture which will connect people with place. The piece will use natural materials of reclaimed slates, transforming them to create a sculpture which will draw out new playful interpretations of the landscape.

The work will comprise of fifty-four slates which will form an interactive lithophone.


A floating line in the forest, running alongside a pathway that will invite the viewer to travel along it and enjoy a new addition to this special park. Direct engagement with the piece will provide a multi-sensory experience for users while releasing sounds of the earth deep into the forest and revealing unexpected qualities of geology. The collaborative melody generated by humans and the forest will increase a sense of harmony and wellbeing for visitors at Fontelo Wood.

We will publish images when the work is installed in October.

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