Fieldtrip to Loch Rannoch

ASN students recently undertook a field trip to Kinloch Rannoch, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The principal area of research was the Blackwood of Rannoch – a remnant of the ancient Caledonian forest – but visits were made to the mountain, Schiehallion (where contour lines were invented), the Fortingall Yew (Europe’s oldest tree) and a hidden James Turrell Sky Chamber.

It was an immersive experience for the students in one of the most significant woodlands in Scotland. Over the four days the students intensely photographed, filmed, made sound recordings, made drawings and wrote about the landscape – and, importantly, thought about their surroundings.

The Blackwood of Rannoch will be the theme of the forthcoming ‘REMNANTS’ exhibition at Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh. The fieldtrip also allowed our final year students to gather research material, as they prepare for the forthcoming Degree Shows.

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