ASN Graduate Series: Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison undertook the ASN course between 2010 and 2012. Here she shares her experiences of the course, as well as where the course took her since her graduation.


Christine’s practice is based on a need to be out in the natural environment, either on land or sea. Primarily she makes work by researching data and information relevant to a specific location and from a personal and emotional response to place. Viewing data of natural phenomena facilitates her entry into the landscape.

Christine researches data relevant to hours of daylight, wind patterns, times and heights of tides; patterns and rhythms emerge from this information, which in turn, formulate ideas for re-presentation of the ephemeral and the unseen in a visual way.

Christine works across a number of media including sculpture, video, drawing, printmaking, unique books or as a site-specific temporary installation, made directly within the landscape. Her practice also involves working within community groups, schools and public art projects, often in collaboration with other artists, such as writer, artist and storyteller Ian Stephen.

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