ASN 2, Solo project by Becky Sutton; IT BREAKS

A constantly quivering line, forever in flux. IT BREAKS, maps the liminal territory where river meets land, on a micro-scale. Slowing down, experiencing mindfulness in this setting, allows the natural environment to reveal the ‘unseen’. The work draws the viewer’s attention to the miniscule interconnected fragments that make up the natural world. These elements are fragile and affected by every little thing that we, humans, do.

Becky Sutton’s solo exhibition, IT BREAKS, is manifested in two outputs: a print work installation in Tent Gallery and a window projection above.

Seventy green monotype prints stretch across the gallery floor and up the wall, mapping a river found on the Isle of Lewis. The prints were all created individually, fitting together as a jigsaw would. This element of the work lends itself to the various Scottish landscapes that the concept manifested from. An organic thread runs through the prints, representing the river line, layered on top of juxtaposing linear shapes. The installation ‘breaks’, appearing incomplete, representing the delicate nature of these fragments.

IMG_4397IMG_4347 2

Projected above the gallery, on a large scale, is a minute moving image of a micro detail from the River Almond. Passers-by on the street below are encouraged to take a moment to stop and consider the unseen natural environment around them. A surrounding we rely on wholly, but that seems a world away as we find ourselves in the fast-paced city.IMG_2560

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