INFLECTION POINT: exhibition by ASN2

Our four second year ASN students have just presented an exhibition, entitled INFLECTION POINT, as their end of semester project in our studio’s Tent Gallery.


The students, Cody Anderson, Natalia Bezerra, Luis Guzman Martinez and Rebecca Sutton, presented outputs, developed from their individual areas of research, which were compelling and intelligent responses.  

In his ongoing investigation into definitions of life, Cody Anderson this time turned his attention to computer viruses. Melissa, Sasser and I Love You are three of the world’s most infamous computer viruses which, due to advances in modern technology, are no longer able to live in the digital environment. Black Death is a macro computer virus created by the artist. In Welcome to the Island the viruses’ digital codes are converted into DNA, to create a form for the organisms; which are then preserved within the oil paintings where they are free to live in augmented reality. Scanning the paintings with a downloaded Augment app allows the viewer to see the viral life form ‘living’ in its own digital world.



Natalia Bezerra’s research is more directly linked to the global environmental crisis. One of a set of sculptural works, Growth/Decay, is a branch which has been entwined in wire and then burned. The fragments of carbon trapped in the wire frame, suspended above its own charcoal shadow. In the videoed, performative work 4:44 Protest the artist can be seen feeding a fire with newspaper cuttings of environmental news.

Luis Guzman Martinez presented a summary of three different research lines. Genetic Mosaic was presented on a free-standing small monitor as a visual representation of the human genome based on the translation of the nucleotides sequence (A, C, G, T) to binary code (00,01,10,11) and then in colour coded pixels. Each pixel represents a group of genes that together make up a portrait of the genome. Micro Ecosystem, was a small sculpture consisting of an environmental sample taken from the pond in Blackford Hill which has been sealed in a sculptural volume of beeswax. The idea being to isolate this small bacterial universe, to create a snapshot of the current state of that ecosystem. Along with these two pieces Bioarchitecture II was also presented, which is a further development of the work presented previously in the Tent gallery. Its purpose is to propose the sculptural form as an energy source for colonist organisms.

Our cinema space was transformed by the three-channel projection installation, Between Stillness and Motion 1, by Becky Sutton. Details of reflections on water, rippling across geometric forms, creating a calming space focussing on the liminal space, where water meets land. This was counterpointed by a set of mono-prints which referenced the same stretch of river, a wavering fragile line. The unpredictability of water and the changes that we are currently seeing at an alarming rate is a theme this work explores.



This significant group show allowed the students’ ideas to be tested in a public forum, prior to a series of one person shows, to be held next semester, which will be covered on this Blog site.

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