GRIKE: Sculpture as Resistance in the Anthropocene Luis Guzmán and Diego Estrada.

Natural Signs is a Chilean art studio, comprising ASN student Luis Guzmán and Diego Estrada, which is dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and ecology, with an emphasis in bio-architecture. insta4

They have recently presented works in Tent, which were developed from Natural Sign’s residency at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland, undertaken last summer.

The residency involved field research as an investigation into the geological, social and biological characteristics of the place.

As well as the works developed for Tent, they installed a permanent work, ‘GRIKE’ in the Burren landscape. The work is made from polycaprolactone (polymorphic biodegradable polymer) and is designed to enhance the ecosystem by replacing soil lost during five thousand years of human intervention. 


The residency experience, including the research process and the work on site, was presented in a documentary film, which has now been distributed to two hundred schools in Chile, as a way to foster the dialogue between art and natural sciences in the art education curriculum.

Interviews with Dr. Eamon Doyle, geologist of Burren Geoparks and Nuala Mulqueeney, Director of Ailwee cave, were also presented in video format in the exhibition. 


The sculpture, ‘GENERATIVE’, was developed for the exhibition in relation to the site-specific work, ‘GRIKE’.  This piece consisted in an enclosed polycaprolactone structure which supported the growth of plants and fungi, as a way of incorporating living systems in sculptural proceses.

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