ASN success in the 2018 Biennale, Land Art Generator Initiative

A team of students from Art Space + Nature have been shortlisted, down to the last twenty-five, in an international competition which attracts hundreds of proposals.

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is an international, biennale design competition that brings together artists, designers, architects and engineers alike in order to design large scale public artworks capable of generating renewable energy.  With a new international site selected every two years, the goal of the initiative is “… to accelerate the transition to post-carbon economies by providing models of renewable energy infrastructure that add value to public space, inspire, and educate—while providing equitable power to thousands of homes around the world.”

Board 1

This year, eight Art, Space and Nature students collaborated on ‘GLASS  BOULDERS’,  an immersive series of sculptures formed of transparent glass solar panels for the St.Kilda triangle in Melbourne, Australia. The proposed design not only seamlessly embedded itself into to landscape and provided unique experiences for individuals in the space, but was also able to optimise the efficiency of the technology implemented through the utilisation of a parametric design, layering the glass solar panels as to maximise the amount of infrared light they could capture. Additionally, the modular design allowed for future expansion of the work based on current energy demand, with the initial amount of energy production being 690MWh.

Render 2

So congratulations to the ASN team:

Andrew Ioannou, Audrey Yeo, Becky Sutton, Cody Lukas Anderson, Di Jiao, Luis Guzman Martinez, Mungki Jati, Natalia Bezerra

‘GLASS BOULDERS’ will now take part in a touring exhibition around Australia, as well as being included in ENERGY OVERLAYS, the LAGI 2018 publication,  which will be launched on the 11th of October in Melbourne.

More information about LAGI at:

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