ASN student exhibits at The Lighthouse – Scotland’s Centre for Architecture and Design

ASN student, Cody Lukas Anderson, is currently exhibiting at the Lighthouse in Glasgow as part of an interdisciplinary collective from the University of Edinburgh. The other members of the Collective are Qingqing Zhang (MSc in Advanced Sustainable Design) and Sam Christopher Cornwell (MSc in Material Practice).

The exhibition, entitled ‘JUSTIFIED’, had its origins in a design project undertaken as part of the Material Technology elective, run by Professor Remo Pedreschi and Cristina Nan. The project was selected for funding by both the University and the Lighthouse for further development for the current exhibition.

The group explored digital fabrication applied to the structural properties of wood, using laser cutting and CNC-milling to create live-hinging. This resulted in a flexible module which has the capability of transforming into complex three-dimensional structures.


41166786_10156469520725446_1248541701547491328_nThe exhibition runs until the 28th of October, with workshops and Artist Talks being held on the 22nd of September and 6th and 27th of October.

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