ASN Student participates in Museum of Modern Art, New York, presentation and at the 2018 London Design Fair.

MFA Art, Space + Nature student, Luis Guzmán, is a member of the cross institutional, collaborative team, ‘MYCTERIALS’, which participated in the Biodesign Challenge, 2018 at MOMA, NY.

The Biodesign Challenge looks to celebrate the hybridation between biotechnology and design, fomenting creativity and challenging visions of the future.

“Our goals is to explore the possible uses of magnetic properties in creating mycelium based biomaterials.  

We plan to use embedded metal particles to direct mycelium growth. The magnetic pull on the particles would make mycelium grow according to magnetic fields. If planned carefully, mycelium can be grown into desired shapes.”

The Mycterials project is a result of the Biodesign course run by Dr. Larissa Pschetz (ECA) and Dr. Naomi Nakayama ( School of Biological Sciences), the team is also an interdisciplinary assemble from different schools within the University of Edinburgh. 

Laura Turpeinen, Fernanda Bolaños and Ivan Shrupov, from The School of Biological Sciences, and Luis Guzmán from ASN, Edinburgh College of Art. 

ASN partners, the Art + Science lab, ASCUS, and the mycologist Dr. Patrick Hickey also contributed to the project through intellectual and technical collaboration 

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The experience in New York was an opportunity to display the University’s interdisciplinary initiative in a edge-cutting environment  and to create important networks. Whilst in New York, Luis visited several academic institutions, including the Bioart Lab of the New York School of Visual Arts  and initiatives, like Terreform ONE a bio-inspired design hub based in New Lab, Brooklyn.

The Mycterials project has been invited to the 2018 London Design Fair in September 2018 were the university team will present the project amongst  550 exhibitors from 36 countries, including independent designers, established brands and international country pavillions._DSC1932IMG_8264IMG_82651

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