ASMA ALMUBARAK: TRACES OF LANDSCAPE, reconfigurations of nature


In the third of a series of final year MFA exhibitions in Tent Gallery, Asma Almubarak, presented her research in the spatial aspect of the relationship between humans and nature. Her main focus was how to shift the viewer’s perception of interior space to emphasise a positive psychological impact through an abstracted representation of landscape.

Asma’s exhibition presented her research in two manifestations. The first, in Tent Gallery was a painted wall piece incorporating texts, the second also used text combined with moving imagery, in a related, projected work in our Cinema Space.


Based on existing research, both works examine the creation of therapeutic spaces, which produce substantial and rapid psychological and physiological restoration from daily life stress and reduce negative emotions. The work in Tent allowed viewers to create their own image about nature and landscape, through the use of colour and poetic texts, exploring and embedded in architectural space. The work is one of a series of projects looking at imbuing architectural space with a sense of the natural.

tent 1




tent1 copy


The other work used gentle, projected imagery mapped onto a suspended fabric, again with a poetic text written by Asma ,in response to direct observation of the landscape. This created a dynamic, immersive space, which further explored the psychological impact of the work on its environment.






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