Coming from the background in music, photography, and design, Patrick  M. Lydon undertook ASN course, graduating with honours in 2014. Here he shares his experiences of the course and what he’s been up to since he graduated.

Patrick’s practice ignites dialogues at the intersection of culture and ecology. Each work that he undertakes brings viewers and participants opportunities to permeate the natural world in different ways. His projects often combine traditional aesthetics, ecological immersion, and public activities. Each project is informed by ongoing social and ecological field studies in cultures and spaces around this earth. This often results in projects involving diverse casts of people from farmers to urban planners to educators. In the end, Patrick’s practice is ultimately about cultivating new relationships — both with other humans and with nature — and seeing what these relationships can contribute to our view.

Patrick has shown work and produced collaborative projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. A good bit of his practice involves writing and curating content for a collective of social explorers, writers, and artists, called SocieCity. He serves as the ‘Arts and Events Editor’ for Nature of Cities, and is a contributing writer to Arts Everywhere, Sustainable Cities Collective, Resilience.

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