ASN graduate and Artist in Residence commissioned to make a film by the Scottish Documentary Institute and Creative Scotland

SDI film

Recent Art, Space and Nature graduate and now Artist in Residence, Yulia Kovanova, has been commissioned by the Scottish Documentary Institute and Creative Scotland to make a short documentary film, which will premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017.

The project has been selected through the Scottish Documentary Institute Bridging the Gap initiative. One of the leading documentary new talent initiatives in the UK, the theme of this year’s programme is Rebellion. Following a three months period of intensive workshops and a competitive pitching process, the project made it into the final alongside six other films from across the UK.

The film explores the ideas of environmental degradation, nature’s resilience and transformation. The main character is a bizarre, outlandish figure dressed in plastic, who commits ‘acts of violence’ against Nature, challenging the very idea of Nature. The film is an attempt to visualise Anthropocene – a geological age where human activity is the dominant influence on the planet, its climate and the environment.

“After three months of in-depth development, our Bridging the Gap filmmakers did us proud in their pitch to a formidable panel of industry professionals,” said SDI Director and Bridging the Gap panelist Noe Mendelle.

“With the selection of seven projects, we are now on a firm trajectory of forward momentum. I think it was fitting that the pitch coincided with this month special full moon, the “wolf moon” in the ancient Farmer’s Almanac. This full moon is known to ignite majestic power, intuition and awareness and that’s just what we look for in our Bridging the Gap films!”

Bridging the Gap is one of the leading documentary new talent initiatives in the UK, offering intensive training and commission opportunities to emerging UK-based filmmakers. The programme helps selected filmmakers develop their 10-minute documentary by allowing them to work closely with industry professionals and SDI over a nine month period.

This year seven projects are commissioned a cash budget of up to £8k each, and will receive further hands-on training throughout the editing and distribution process. The commissioned films will receive a world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival. The films produced through Bridging the Gap to date have enabled the filmmakers to take successful first steps in the industry; receiving festival awards, BAFTAs, special mentions, as well as screenings at festivals in over 60 countries world-wide.

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