E407 dinner exploring ‘Project Carrageenan’

Current Art, Space and Nature students Alex Hackett and Alix Villaneuva recently held a dinner at Tent Gallery, as part of their explorations for ‘Project Carrageenan’.

Carrageenan is a substance derived most commonly from the seaweed Chondrus Crispus (or Carrageen) found on the coast of Scotland and Ireland, and was traditionally used for culinary and medicinal purposes. The project investigates the Carrageenan Ghost in its new form as a food additive (known as E407), its existence in oral folk culture surrounding its historic use in food and medicine, and as the ghost of a disappearing local economy.



Each dish of the dinner contained the Carrageenan Ghost, with carrageenan present in the chocolate milk drinks, a vegetable aspic, creme caramels with squirty cream and toothpaste to finish.

“carrageenan never was and still isn’t the formless textureless and odourless ‘ghost’ that it is for our average chocolate milk drinker”
-Lanfranco Blanchetti-Revelli, ‘Sea Harvesters, Traders and Corporations’, p.38

Further collected research and works can be viewed on the research blog http://projectcarrageenan.tumblr.com

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