Salt on a Black Floor

salt on a black floor

Whilst students on the ASN programme are supported to develop personal areas of research, there is also engagement with collaborative practice.

‘Salt on a Black Floor’ is a recent, collaborative project by seven artists on the ASN course, as a conclusion to semester 1. It explores the notion of the coast and its deceptive borders. What seems like an edge between water and land is in fact a multitude of contact zones where one doesn’t start where the other ends (i.e. the lower the sand, the deeper the water). The work is not intended as an illustration nor a metaphor of the coast. It is an installation of salt against a black floor in the Tent Gallery. The relationship between the black floor and the white salt is dependent on the density of the salt— the more salt there is the starker the contrast. The group purposefully left certain areas with a very thin layer of salt in order to play with the relationship between the two tones, echoing the landscape.

Taking place on a grid, addressed the desire and tendency to project borders and edges onto land as a means of control and interpretation, recalling the grid of mapping.

The work was intended to be viewed from the street, as a landscape glimpsed in the passing, illuminating the darkest points of winter.

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