Art, Space + Nature graduate to represent Japan at the Venice Biennale 2017

Takahiro Iwasaki, has been selected to represent Japan at next year’s Venice Biennale.

ASN Taka

Since graduating from ECA, Takahiro has been based in his native Hiroshima developing a thread of works begun on the ASN programme. Iwasaki often uses everyday objects that are found around us as materials for his works. These include items that are regarded as garbage, such as dust, cloth and hair.

By overlaying another image onto these to create a figurative representation, he gives meaning to things that are seemingly chaotic. For example, he makes a stack of dust cloths look like the mountains of nature, and books appear like buildings, experiencing a change in the way we perceive things to the viewer.

Iwasaki’s work is characterized by his meticulous handiwork, developing the language of the architectural model. He creates cranes and steel towers from the threads pulled out from dust cloths or the bookmark strings attached to books. The delicacy, and labour intensiveness, of the work being stunning features of his ongoing ‘ Out of Disorder’ series.


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