Trip to the Blackwoods

Last month 1st year Art Space and Nature students went on a 3 day trip up to the Blackwoods of Rannoch to visit the only Caledonian forest in the UK. Staying in a lovely cottage called The Mill, the students were surrounded by the highands with Loch Tay in walking distance.

The 1st day included visits to the tallest tree in the UK, the oldest living thing on the planet (A 5000 yr old tree!) and some other stops and sight seeing moments. The day ended with a dinner prepared by the students as well as some board game fun!  On the 2nd day the students hiked up into the Blackwoods were they had a picnic before venturing further into the highlands to play some games. After some relaxing in The Mill, the students were cooked a lovely meal that was prepared by their lecturer in the evening. Before heading back to Edinburgh, the students had one last walk to an abandoned village by the Loch near to where they were staying.

With most of the students being unfamiliar with the Scottish highlands, it was a great way to experience them especially with the added local knowledge of the lecturers.


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