Photo recap: ‘Beyond Atmospheres’ Nadia Dermatopoulou

The architecture of churches had a purpose, to create an atmosphere of mystery and immateriality, the sacred space. What happens inside is the de-substantiation of the physical reality of the building. This exhibition is a quest to find our inner self and our connection to holiness. The design of the space is based on the architecture of churches and is a symbolic representation of this personal quest.

The entrance to the exhibition represents the portal of a church, which symbolizes the point where human nature meets divinity.

The meditation room represents a place that connects us with the inner part of our spirituality. It is a relaxation room but a hard working place as well. It is a place to help clear our mind, but can also be somewhere to reflect on deep thoughts and do critical thinking.

The prayer room is the altar of ‘heaven on earth’. It is a place to pray, forgive and forget. It is the place where holiness becomes one with human nature.

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