Exhibition Recap: TentLab “Morph”



Week 4 of the TentLab exhibition series opened 27th November in the Tent Gallery. The penultimate show of the TentLab series, in this episode we are addressed the exploration of possibilities of chance and transformation through the forms of film, live show and visual art.

From me to you Yanli Shen

This work shows a solid, visible sample of carbon which, by blowing, disperses into the air. In doing so, the solid takes on the appearance of a cloud. This is a perceived change not an actual change; it is of course our perception regarding carbon production and its potential consequences that prevent change. People don’t perceive a noticeable climatic change because it occurs over time, the change being barely visible.


A Chronology of the Scottish Beverage Allison Palenske/The Dinner Lab

Considering three commonly consumed fluids, this timeline displays beverages of strikingly similar appearance. Substances included are an orange “juice-y” drink marketed for children, a popular orange-coloured fizzy drink and an affordable fermented fruit beverage sold in plastic two-litre bottles. Examine what happens when marketing and packaging is stripped, leaving the liquids to speak for themselves.


Medical Waste – A proposal for a body of work Coral Mallow

This is a proposal for a body of work will be realized in actual objects and situations to be photographed in context. This is a response to the way we are treated in todays modern medical environment. While we advance in medical technology and science we are regressing in human interaction and understanding. If we altered (morphed) away from these trains of thought we could make great strides towards true healing and holistic health.


Convergence Kelly de Wet

Our experiences in various landscapes informs our connotations of particular types of landforms, through difference and similarity. Thus, the morphing of mental images and experience of a few geographically varied landscapes enables a richer comprehension of naturally existing entities.


Untitled Yulia Kovanova

In collaboration with dancer Tony Thrills (Room 2 Manoeuvre) and experimental musician Dougie Hudson (Baobab Gateway)

Eyes close shut and the world disappears.  Light fades and the reality we perceive with our eyes shifts though the objects in space physically remain the same. Our subjective world is fraught with complexities in perception. Our inner world is invisible to the eyes and yet can be expressed or said to be understood.

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