Exhibition Recap: Tension

The second TentLab group exhibition took place 30 October 2014, with a variety of works for visitors to experience. The theme of “Tension” manifested itself in nuanced interpretations of tense situations.

Through the Looking Glass Coral Mallow


The tension of the rope, the tension between the person binding and the person being bound, the tension between the performance and audience… and the tension of the outside looking in.

Forcefield Kelly de Wet


A work loaded with tension. Tension is the general feeling experienced upon seeing bullets, especially when faced by one. The constellation of cartridge shells suspended in mid air represents not only a random pattern of dispersed fires of a shotgun, but also acts as a collection of vectors in space. These vectors inform one another yet possess their own spheres of meaning.

Session Nadia Dermatopoulou

(Video installation)

This video installation challenges the psychological condition of depression. A set of symbolic imagery represents depression and our inside world, which collapses slowly and gradually. The water that flows is our effort to get out of this psychological situation. What is the role of nature in recovery and can this recovery ever be permanent?

Apposition of Opposition Yulia Kovanova

(Video installation)

Tension tends to be viewed as uncomfortable, something to avoid. Yet it is there, at the points where forces are pulling in different directions, that a space is created. Here we find life that exists between and because of the opposing things. The reality we experience might be the result of a similar process – a continuous tension between the changing opposites. The video shows a part of the river Creed on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

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