ASN team makes the Land Art Generator Initiative 2014 competition shortlist


Refkløver, a design by Akshaya Narsimhan, Allison Palenske, Christina Gråberg Røsholt, Diandra Saginatari, Yanli Shen, Javier Vidal Aguilera and Zhao Xie has been selected for inclusion in the Land Art Generator Initiative 2014 publication New Energies, to be published by Prestel in October of this year.

Refkløver utilizes kinetic and wind energies to generate electricity for Copenhagen, Denmark. Derived from microscopic studies of the Danish national flower, the rødkløver (red clover, Trifolium pratense), the form of the energy-generating structures mimics the veins found on the leaves and bracts of the plant. These veins act as highways for photosynthetic processes, transporting energy and sugars to the rest of the plant. The design of Refkløver acts in a similar way. Using piezoelectric wires to represent the veins of the plant, wind movement will generate energy through these delicate fibers and will be transported to the city grid.

More information about the submission and the land art generator competition can be found here.

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