Silk, Lines, Dwellings, Fables, and Farms: MFA 2014 Degree Show

The six graduating students in the Art, Space & Nature MFA programme are a combination of early career artists, farmers, architects, and landscape architects coming from Brazil (Flavia Salvador), Italy (Stephanie Ghetta), Spain (Javier Vidal Aguilera), Sweden (Sara Ocklind), and the United States (Jonathan Hemelberg, Patrick M. Lydon).

Their 2014 degree show puts forward two components, 1) A collaborative installation which highlights the group’s collective thought, process, and teamwork, and 2) Highlights from the students’ diverse individual practices.

Collaborative Installation on Value

The students’ collective installation “Value is a Golden Cloud” is an active work which asks visitors to analyze the concept of value as it relates to their lives.


Suspended in the Golden Cloud, people’s ideas float in a formation which echoes the fluidity and temporarily of what they value. The juxtaposition of the lightness of the Cloud and the heavy materiality of Gold suggests the seemingly solid yet always fluctuating definition of Value through our own lifetimes.

Value is a Golden Cloud had over 700 people participate over the course of the week show, adding their ideas about what ‘value’ is to the golden cloud in Tent Gallery.

Individual Works

Student Javier Vidal Aguilera showed “Dwelling in the Morland,” an architectonic proposal for a hypothetical dwelling inspired by the moorland of Lewis and Harris, and a pencil-based study of natural patterns around the theme of turbulence.


Javier Vidal Aguilera

Stephanie Ghetta displayed plans developed for “Soreie,” a biodynamic farm she is involved with, where cultural landscape meets with agricultural landscape.


Stephanie Ghetta

Jonathan Hemelberg created a final meditative work titled “The Sketch was Almost Worthless,” which combines artifacts and paint-based line work, examining the idea of finality and the mortality of things.


Jonathan Hemelberg

Patrick M. Lydon displayed “What is Food: Burger and Cabbage,” an image of a living sculpture where a cabbage feeds off of a burger, as well as material from “Final Straw,” an international film project connecting farmers, academics, artists, and office workers with the natural world.


Patrick M. Lydon

Patrick M. Lydon and Flavia Salvador also jointly showcased “Two Islands,” a two-channel video installation from their individual field work on small islands within Japan and Scotland, creating a narrative across borders.


Patrick M. Lydon and Flavia Salvador

Sara Ocklind created a spatial installation, combining three different pieces, “PAFF, POFF, PIFF,” working with emotions around the theme of mist.

asn-2014-mfa-showit's moving

Sara Ocklind

Flavia Salvador showed her “Wanderlust n1,” part of a personal investigation on bonding to a place, and her attempt of telling the stories behind objects collected from natural landscapes in Scotland.


Flavia Salvador

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