ASN Student Work at Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art

Image from TransportMe Project (P.M. Lydon)

Transport Me Image | Patrick Lydon

This Friday, 10 Jan, Art, Space and Nature MFA student Patrick Lydon will be showing a sound installation piece at the Glasgow CCA. The installation is part of Sound Thought, Glasgow University’s annual festival of sound, music, performance and research.

The work to be shown, titled Transport Me: 741 Metro Stations,  is a multi-channel sound installation that weaves together sounds recorded in metro rail systems around the world.

This ‘beta’ version of the installation includes only the sound portion, however a total of 741 metro stations have been documented by Patrick using both sound and image, including stations in Tokyo (Japan), New York City (USA), Seoul (South Korea), Houston (USA), and Glasgow (Scotland).

Sound Thought Conference Programme

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