Visiting artist to ASN Group Exhibition: Theo Shields

Image courtesy the artist

Image courtesy the artist

This year’s ASN students hosted a visiting artist at their most recent exhibition “Topos”. Theo Shields, a sculpture student at the Edinburgh College of Art, showed his print series ‘Ant Drawings, and an accompanying video titled ‘1/300th Tilted Arc’. By placing a miniature replica of a heavily-contested and controversial sculpture by Richard Serra (‘Tilted Arc’) in a mob of ants, Shields created a metaphorically-laden series of prints, using the ants to discover shapes and form via relentless layering; the accompanying video piece exposes the process and interaction more closely, on a micro-level.

Shield’s work blended with the ASN exhibition, as the “Topos” exhibition was an exploration of place, and site-specificity, which ‘Ant Drawings‘ addresses through its commentary on adaptation, the natural world, and the built environment.

More information about the artist can be found here.

ASN students would like to thank the artist for his contribution to the group exhibition!

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