AUA Partnership: ASN Student Work at Setouchi Triennale

In partnership with Aichi University of the Arts (AUA), ASN student Patrick Lydon worked in residence on the island of Megijima this past summer to create a community-interactive work for the Setouchi International Triennale. 

HUMAN:NATURE Megijima, Japan - Setouchi International Triennale

The work, titled [HUMAN:NATURE] fused technology, art, and social ecology to help envision a future for the environment and for local communities, and included arranging a regional panel discussion on farming methods in addition to the team’s research and development work.

With an aim to create impact for the artists and locals alike, the project team forged new relationships and initiated meaningful dialogue about contemporary issues in Japan’s small agriculture and fishing based communities.

The physical result of the project was an interactive documentary which allowed for visitors and locals alike to explore the connections between people, folklore, history, and the island itself.

Working at the crossroads of environmental study and socially-aware art practice, the project was lead by first year ASN student Patrick Lydon, and included a team of Suhee Kang (Korea, photography), Johann Barbie (Germany, software development), and Songyi Lee (Korea, community interaction).

The project team at MEGI House in Megijima, Japan

The project team at MEGI House in Megijima, Japan

Professor Isao Suizu from AUA was the project coordinator and guided the teams work within the island and on a regional network of farms. He also brought with him, an amazing cast of his own Landscape Architecture graduate students who visited the island often to help realize the project.

The Setouchi International Triennale also provided over a dozen volunteers who gave countless hours to film, interview, translate, and create the final output.

Exhibition Dates for [HUMAN:NATURE] in Japan

July 20 — August 18
Setouchi International Triennale
MEGI House and Ryusen-So
Megi-cho, Takamatsu, Japan

August 25 — September 8
Aichi Triennale
Aichi University of Arts Museum
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Open Source

This project and software development is entirely open-source and available to the public. Our source code in development is available at:

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