ESCAPISM | ASN: MA Degree Show



The theme “ESCAPISM“ refers to a state of mind in which one can temporarily disassociate oneself from daily routine and can experience a sense of release from the pressures of life whether it be work/study commitments or social responsibilities.

PRIVATE VIEW: 6.00 – 8.00 | August 19th

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Artist: Shaohuan Hsiung

Exhibition runs: August 20th – August 28th
Location: Art Space & Nature, Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art


For the past year Hsiung has been studying in Edinburgh; ‘I have found it to be an inspiring place to live as it differs greatly from my native city, Taichung, back in Taiwan, both in terms of the architecture and of the landscape.

Through her work, she endeavours to create a dialogue between herself and her new environment, while exploring her personal experience of ‘escapism’.

In addition, the materials used in her design needed to reflect this idea of how we go about our daily lives, how the external environment affects us on a psychological level whilst at the same time representing the idea of our daily routine, and the contrast between work and play.

‘For this reason I chose the materials mesh and copper to represent these two aspects of work and play and to bring to fruition a structure, a model, which throws up interesting juxtapositions between the elements of landscape and architecture.’

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