Beach Laboratory

BEACH LABORATORY is a research project on desalinization in the by Ronald Boer (landscape architect, NL) and Valerie Dempsey (artist, Scotland).

BEACH LABORATORY door Ronald Boer (landschapsarchitect, NL) en Valerie Dempsey (kunstenaar, Schotland):

Tijd: Zaterdag 11 september 2010 van 14 – 17 u
Locatie: BADGAST@ F.A.S.T. aan de boulevard (Strandweg)van Scheveningen bij de haven.
Kledingsdvies: outdoor

Coastal Reckoning

Naturally there is a balanced gradient between fresh and salt water where sea meets land. In Holland coastal defences against the sea create steps in the gradient. The system is further disrupted by the fact that fresh water taken from the rivers is filtered through the dunes.

During our stay at Badgast we’ve set up an experimental beach laboratory using a distiller as a metaphor for man and salt as an artistic tool to highlight the disruption caused by man-made obstacles to the ecosystem.