Kenichi Ogawa ‘Stretch’

Kenichi Ogawa

Friday 9th July 2010
Exhibition continues: Mon 14th – Tue 15th July, 12 – 4 pm

Kenichi has been working with a theme: What is it for a man to have a prolific sense of touch? The material silicon gives something of a touch of human skin. “When I use this material in my painting, I feel I am making full use of my sense of touch.”

“My working process is; First, to base-paint the canvas by oil; Next to cover the painted canvas with silicon using a long knife for cutting cake; Then to make a drawing by way of scraping off the silicon with a brush.”

“This should be done at a breath, for fear of silicon easily getting dry. Time limit is always to be kept in mind. This demerit of using silicon material, however, could cause a good feeling of once-for-all tension, like Japanese calligraphy, I think.”

In this exhibition, Ogwawa wishes to appeal to people’s sense of touch.

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