ASN Degree Show 2010


Group Collaboration

(Jack Cupples, Elise Campbell, Katharina Nöteborg, Stefania Strouza, Trevor Parker, Catriona Glover, Mark Eischeid, Tielia Dellanzo)


A collaboration between Jack Cupples, Elise Campbell, Katharina Nöteborg, Stefania Strouza, Trevor Parker, Catriona Glover, Mark Eischeid and Tielia Dellanzo in which the viewer is invited to contribute a question and/or answer.

Collaborative piece

(Catriona Glover,Trevor Parker,Darren Buchan,Jack Cupples)

“Six Hour Smile”

This collaborative piece is the work of Darren Buchan, Jack Cupples, Catriona Glover and Trevor Parker. This video is an unedited one-take recording of an unbroken smile. The video is presented at life-size replica in the Tent Gallery for the duration of the Edinburgh College of Art 2010 Degree Show.

Darren Buchan

“Vantage Point”
Materials: Mdf, timber, lighting, Perspex, vinyl

Vantage Point explores notions of the landscape and where one stands to observe it.

Elise Campbell

“Saughton Park and the Elusive Onion”

In recent years I have been studying issues of land use; ecology; food production; social relations; economics; the politics of public space and the notion of place. Last summer, I discovered Saughton Park in the southwest of Edinburgh. Intrigued by the history of the park I approached Edinburgh Council and enquired whether I could use the park to develop a long-term art project. This installation reflects initial research and proposals for the project.

During WWII, Land Girls dug over the flower beds of Saughton Gardens, and planted them with onions. The onions were distributed to the hospitals of Edinburgh.

Mark Eischeid

“Dappled Shade”
Materials: Wood, Shadows

A rhythmic pattern of forms, spanning areas of natural and artificial light, creates an arrhythmic pattern of shadows.”

Trevor Parker


A work that was inspired by Felix Guattari’s ‘Three Ecologies’ and our ever increasing reliance upon Light Control Systems. This a temporary exhibition that explores the effects of the temporary and subtle altering of our sensory understanding of a space by a playful interaction.

Stefania Strouza

“The condition of (Im)possibility”

“In the entropology of globalization, all management generates abandoned spaces. All creation as applied force entails negation; all production entails neglect.”

– Gilles Clément

Tielia Dellanzo


The notion of ‘Lessons in the principles of Art’ began during a two year postgraduate study programme entitled, ‘Art Space Nature’. Prior to this I trained as a visual artist in Fine art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices. The practice that has evolved is that of considering the ecologies of man; how we live and how our choices are formed; Memisis / learnt behaviour and that of formed instruction of our society.

The ‘artwork’ in this practice is subsequently secondary to the action of viewing, on the periphery of participating within the work itself. Within these texts I aim play with some of the ways in which to evolve as a practitioner of art.