Inordinate Fondness

Inordinate Fondness by Hamer Dodds

Wolfson College, Oxford
7.6.10 – 25.6.10
Private view 6.6.10 (12 noon till 3pm)

The title for this exhibition references the famous, if apocryphal, quote of J.B.S.Haldane. This phrase is appropriate for several reasons. Wolfson College is built on the former home of the Haldane family. His father, John Scott Haldane, was from Edinburgh and a fellow of New College Oxford. It seemed appropriate to reference the links between Edinburgh, Oxford and biodiversity for this exhibition.
In some ways Haldane was making a statement about the sheer diversity of life. A celebration of biodiversity is the /leit motif/ in the work shown in this exhibition..
Hamer has recently organised an art/science symposium on phylogeny at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh as part of the celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity and this exhibition references the ideas in the Green to Red outreach project at Edinburgh University.
Hamer is currently collaborating with biologists from the Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews on visualising biodiversity as part of this project.