Berlin Workshop

Since graduating, Naomi Hennig has worked at UdK (Universität der Künste) in Berlin. She was involved in the organising and running of this workshop in March and Lily Rossebo current ASN student went to Berlin to take part.

“Mass – Public Space – Response”
March 5 to March 8, 2010

“A workshop exploring with the students the relationship of the movement, feeling and behavior of crowds with the structures and shapes of public spaces in Berlin.”

Mixed-media artist Catherine Ludwig* lead the workshop, and was joined by her partner, Wolf Leeb.* Wolf is an architectural photographer, and assisted students in sharpening the mechanical aspects of their photos and looked at the framework that creates public space.

The workshop was organized by Margarita McGrath,* an American architect and Associate Professor at Virginia Tech. Interflugs hosted the workshop, and provided work space and digital & video equipment. Also invited were local and international architects, landscape architects, urban planners and other participants engaged in creatively shaping the public realm, contributing through mini-lectures and informal critiques.

Studying the relationship of (public) space and population -> “re-see” public space
•Developing a unique understanding of Berlin (with the special condition of the “splitting”city)
•Improving the technical skills of photography
•Lingering at a public place longer than usual in order to observe the movement of the crowd –>engage a diverse set of views.

The workshop took place in the UdK main building, Hardenbergstrasse 33, near the Zoo station.

*Catherine Ludwig born in Bavaria, studied communication design (FH) in Germany and transmedial art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Diploma – chair Prof. Kowanz). She received prizes and participated in several exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Her interests are mainly exploring and “do-commenting” mass leisure-facilities and the dependance on the spatial structures, control mechanisms and that impact leisure in public. Brief statement: “I am “do-commenting”. I am not restricted to only one medium to express my “do-commentaries”. Moreover, I am workingintermedially – using the means of photography, conceptual painting, space-, sound-, video- and slide installation.”

*Margarita McGrath has worked as an architect while living in Europe and Asia. For the last decade she has been practicing architecture in New York and teaching architecture in Blacksburg, VA. For her the work of her award-winning firm, noroof architects, is an opportunity to realize an old school notion that teaching and making architecture go hand and hand. Recent work with students has been looking at opportunities for architecture to make broader public contributions, specifically by fostering terrains for learning. Margarita is currently an Associate Professor at the School ofArchitecture + Design at Virginia Tech. Her partner in noroof architects, Scott Oliver, will be participating in the workshop as a critic.

*Wolf Leeb born in Austria, studied architecture at TU Vienna (Diploma – chair Prof. Richter). He worked at several architecture offices and participated at the School for artistic photography – Friedl Kubelka. Since 2004 he has been working as an architectural photographer.