‘Recurring Line’

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Donald Urquhart’s outdoor work Recurring Line is a work from the IMMA Collection which is absent from view for most of the year. It is a site-specific work located in the meadow of the Royal Hospital site that comprises a drawing in the landscape made using Galanthus Nivalis (snowdrops). Urquhart will also make a temporary wall drawing relating to Recurring Line during the course of the exhibition. This new work, In absentia, will be made by Urquhart in the gallery while it is open to visitors.

Live performance of ‘Recurring Line’ takes place on 25th February

What happens next is a secret

IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art (26th January – 18th April)

This is an experimental exhibition which attempts to addresses the question of what happens when artworks become part of a collection and are subsequently shown in many different contexts. Working from a potential list of works, the artworks will be changed during the course of the exhibition, with removal of artworks generating absences which call to mind gaps in our memory and point to the partially hidden nature of Museum collections. Additions of works will draw out new and perhaps unexpected associations, and new narratives will emerge within the overall structure of the exhibition. Other strategies such as repositioning works within the exhibition will be used to alter the pace of the exhibition. A list of these potential works will not be disclosed in advance.

In tandem a publication will be produced during the exhibition, with the printing happening in multiple stages over time resulting in chance over-printing (the second stage being printed directly on top of the first stage and so on). This will be parallel to the layering of meanings generated between artworks in the gallery. IMMA hopes that the exhibition will, through its ever-changing nature and methodologies, address the audience’s role as witness and indeed point to the fundamental inability to witness an exhibition.

While the exhibition mainly includes works from the IMMA Collection, a small number of works are borrowed either directly from artists or from other collections, such as Lawrence Weiner’s statement 021, 1968, from the collection of Seth Siegelaub. The work exists as an idea, a statement which calls for the removal of part of the gallery wall – this idea is held in a private collection; nothing is transported, nothing insured, nothing stored. Siegelaub was one of the first collectors or curators to collect and show conceptual practices and was arguably one of the most influential independent curators active during the 1960’s and ‘70s; a period when fundamental questions about the role of institutions, the artist, the public, and of art itself were being addressed.

To coincide with the exhibition IMMA has commissioned a new sound piece by economicthoughprojects, an independent record label set up by Irish-based artist Russell Hart to investigate collaborative and multi-disciplinary practice. Hart will be working with Irish artist Karl Burke to produce a new work in response to the exhibition.

German artist Tine Melzer has also been invited to make a new work in the context of the exhibition. Melzer will be working in a hidden space which was discovered behind a false wall in the gallery. Continuing IMMA’s well established Limited Edition series Ilya + Emilia Kabakov have produced a limited edition print titled, The Ghosts in the Morning, in response to the themes of secrecy and invisibility addressed in this exhibition.

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