In Conversation with Neville Rae

Identity and Ownership in Community Arts –

Date: Monday 11th January
Time: 7.30pm start
Location: Word of Mouth Cafe, 3a Albert Street, (just off Leith Walk)

This session will begin with a short presentation of previous and current works by Neville Rae, leading to discussion into the identity of the individual artist when leading community art projects

Due to limited space please email if you would like to attend this event:

Neville is currently regenerating a series of underpasses in the Scottish New Town of Cumbernauld. Taking leave from Cumbernauld’s first town artist Brian Miller, Neville is working with locals schools and residence of Cumbernauld to reinstate a series of public art works which originally decorated and enhanced the underpasses in the 1960s.

Throughout the evening Neville will question what part his personal artistic vision plays in this project and previous works and how the public view his practice overall. Is there room for the individual artists vision in community arts projects? How much ownership should the artist have in such projects?

Further information on both the history and current developments of the Cumbernauld underpass project will be posted at:

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